Preventive Maintenance Works (PMW)

PMW "Predictive Maintenance Works" is the terminology used by ORBIT for evaluating equipment Performance by using following tools:

Current tracking
- Compare and record amperage changes on motors
- Ensure load changes are proportional to current changes

Temperature Readings
- Points of contact and /or infrared pointers to track temperature locations on equipment bearing wear and load conditions that directly effect temperature.

Thermography Analysis   »See a sample.
- Infrared imaging of electrical equipment and processes
- Thermal readings on exhaust lines and piping

Vibration Analysis   »See a sample.
- Tracks and trends vibration on a tri-axis (three axis-X, Y, and Z) stemming from bearing wear and tear. (elevated noise levels)

Insulation Breakdown Analysis
- Measure potential phase to ground resistance in motor windings (higher current/high temperature result in insulation breakdown)

Frequency Signature Analysis
- Defines frequency shifts and rotation balance

Oil/Wear Particle Analysis
- Oil is analyzed for pollutants or chemicals that have mixed with the oil process contamination through seals
- Oil is analyzed for internal deteriorated equipment particles

Process Tool Application Comparison
- Review overall process database to identify potential failure, temperature changes, process build-up and any combination of process gas with atmosphere that effect performance